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Pre-departure webinar for students in China - Shared screen with speaker view
Study in Sweden
Hi everyone! We are so sorry about the technical issues earlier!Thanks so much for sticking around with us and reconnecting!We will email the link to the recording of the residence permit presentation to all of you in case you tuned in late.
Ainsley Tao
Sorry just want to ask, would it be able to get these presentation files shared later? Coz the internet is quite unstable, I'm afraid I've already missed some of the important info...
Study in Sweden
Hi Ainsley, we will email the residence permit presentation to all attendees afterwards :)
Ainsley Tao
ok great, thanks :)
Ainsley Tao
Sorry one work related question: am I allowed to work at the same time while studying in university as an international student?
Hello, I am admitted 2-year master’s program. My wife and son will apply the resident permit with me in the same application. Do I required to provide the health insurance for my wife and son within the application? (I asked school and the school responed that no insurance for my wife and son)
Ainsley Tao
ok cool, thanks!
Yiqin Wang
What’s the earliest date would you recommend to apply for the PR?
anthea Zheng
Hi is the earliest rresidence submission date is 1st May, because of the required bank account date?
Olha Tretiachenko
I was admitted to part time master program (50% pace), and I have already applied for Elective Language courses to learn Swedish (pace of study 33% or 50%). Am I eligible to obtain residence permit or any other visas to live and study in Sweden?
jixding ding
I am currently doing an internship in Shanghai, but my registered permanent residence is in Chongqing. Can I complete the resident permit application at the Shanghai consulate?thank!
wengeng gao
I am Chinese and now in Belgium. But there is no embassy in Belgium, where can I go to apply the ID?
Yiqin Wang
1st May?
Could I go to Shanghai to get my fingerprint recorded though my registered residence is belong to the consular district of Beijing embassy?
Tiffany Yang
Hi, for the bank statement, what if I just applied for a new card and only have transaction history in one month?
Shuyu Zhang
is Making the first entrance in Sweden necessary?for the convenience of the Custom.for example, landing in Sweden is better than landing in Denmark then entering in Sweden?
anthea Zheng
ok thank you!
Xuanlin Liu
I would like to know when will the scholarship holders be able to apply for a residence permit? (If The scholarship only covers tuition fees.) The migration agency said they have not got the list of scholarship holders so that they cannot process our application yet.
wengeng gao
Xinhao Wang
Regarding the last question about RP application, if I have already submitted the application(start at 8.15), do I have a second chance to submit the bank information?
wengeng gao
The website said I need to go to embassy in Paris to finish the residence permit. But the boarder is closing now. What should I do? Thanks!
Yi Su
Hi! I’m residing in Shanghai at the moment but as a foreign national will I need extra document for steps like biometrics photographs etc?
Chenhao Wang
Do I have to apply for resident permit on migrationsverket.com not earlier than 3 months before I go to Sweden?
Ainsley Tao
Thank you all for the presentation! Have a good day :)
Ziyuan Dang
thank you!